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Assoc Professor Aisling Mulligan

Assoc Professor

Aisling Mulligan

Ass Prof Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
School of Medicine
University College Dublin, School of Medicine, Catherine McAuley Centre Eccles Street Dublin 7


Professor Mulligan joined UCD in 2007 as an Associate Professor and Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist in the Mater CAMHS, now the Dublin North City and County Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin in 1995, and trained initially in paediatrics before joining the Dublin University/St Patrick's Hospital Psychiatry training scheme and later the National Higher Training Scheme in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Ireland). She completed an MSc in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in UCD in 2008 and completed her MD in TCD in 2009 on the topic of "Autism Symptoms in ADHD - a trait which correlates with language, motor and oppositional disorders". Dr Mulligan also has an interest in environmental influences in ADHD and in genetic influences in ADHD, with publications in both areas, many in collaboration with the International Multicentre ADHD Genetics (IMAGE) group. Dr Mulligan has shown that the home environment influences the severity of ADHD in children with the condition and replicated this finding in children attending a child and adolescent mental health service. She has developed a telephone version of the HOME assessment tool. Dr Mulligan has also been involved in research into communication deficits in teenagers. Her research has led her to collaborate with others in Trinity College Dublin, University of Melbourne, and the Institute of Psychiatry, UK, as well as colleagues in UCD. Recently Dr Mulligan became the academic lead of the 2 year Child Art Psychotherapy MSc programme run by the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and by University College Dublin, and she co-ordinates all 12 modules. Dr Mulligan formed a research group to evaluate the use of Child Art Psychotherapy, leading to the first formal descriptions of the Vasarhelyi method of Child Art Psychotherapy in medical literature, though the method was previously described in other settings. Dr Mulligan developed the MSc course by linking with Tusla Child and Family Agency and with the School of Psychotherapy at St Vincent's Hospital, Elm Park to develop a 2 year Post MSc Child Art Psychotherapy Training Programme (PMCAPTP), allowing students to train for 4 years in child art psychotherapy. Dr Mulligan leads the multicentre "Child Art Psychotherapy Effectiveness" study in Tusla and the HSE CAMHS. Her interest in measuring the effects of Psychotherapy with very young people led her to collaborate with the CORE measurement group in the UK and she is currently supervising the development of the "CORE for very young persons" - a form for measuring current mental state and emotions with children aged 3-10 years. Dr Mulligan is also leading a writing group who are preparing a book on Child Art Psychotherapy. Dr Mulligan is actively involved in training psychiatrists in Ireland, acting as clinical tutor to a group of approximately 15 doctors from various training schemes who are placed in Dublin North City and County Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, as well as directly supervising a Higher Specialist Trainee. Her supervision of Dr Tara Rudd, Higher Specialist trainee, led her to supervise a study on the prevalence of mental illness in deaf children - "Do Deaf Teenagers have the same rate of Mental Illness as Hearing Teenagers?" Dr Mulligan takes an active role in the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland, and was part of a small group of child and adolescent psychiatrists who revised the Higher Specialist Training Curriculum, and developed training courses for higher specialist trainees. Dr Mulligan delivered training courses on ADHD and on Neuropsychiatry, as well as organising courses on Family Therapy, and on Attachment in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Dr Mulligan is a member of the HSE ADHD Clinical Programme group, which has developed a plan for Adult ADHD services in Ireland, due for publication shortly. As part of this group she is involved in health services research on current services for children with ADHD, as well as being part of a group which is planning the implementation and measurement of interventions for adults with ADHD. Dr Mulligan is regularly requested to review articles in international and national peer reviewed journals


  • Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
    Health Services Executive Dublin North City and County CAMHS30 Dec 1999


  • DCH
    University College Dublin
  • MSc
    University College Dublin
  • MD
    Trinity College Dublin
    Royal Coll Paediatrics&CH UK
  • MRCPsych
    Royal Coll of Psychiatrists U