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Professor Andreas Hoepner


Andreas Hoepner

Full Professor
School of Business
University College Dublin, School of Business


• Financial Data Science: my interests include the accurate measurement of investment risks; advancing algorithms based on big data and/or deep data; the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of financial markets; asset management in a single asset, multi-asset or mixed-asset setting; the opportunities of Augmented/Artificial Intelligence for application contexts from static recognition to reactive predictions; and developments in sustainable, evidence-based investing (e.g. scientific alpha, smart beta), professional forecasts and exchange traded products. • Operational Risks & Intangible Assets: my interests include all seven operational risk event types as defined by Basel II; the econometrics and dynamic valuation of intangible assets such as artificial intelligence, confidence, corporate compliance, corporate environmental responsibility, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, cyber security, dependencies, diversity, expertise, flexibility, human capital, innovation, knowledge, leadership, power, transparency, and trust; as well as the performance of responsible investments across all asset classes. • Organizational Refinancing: my interests includes the refinancing instruments used and pressures faced by organizations such as corporates, sovereigns, (micro)banks or municipalities; the conflicts of interest and resulting accuracy of auditors and rating agencies; the transparency and covenants of corporate capital structures across all legal entities; as well as the degree to which high quality management of organizational tensions between quality, costs, time, flexibility, learning and corporate culture can enhance refinancing processes. • Scientific Process & Interdisciplinary Research Methods: my interests include the scientometrics of research outputs and research impacts; the concepts of level of measurement, data dictionaries, data factories and measurement validity; meta regression analysis; the statistics of sign changes in interaction terms and ratios; the role of science in/for society; scientific reasoning from dichotomous vs. distributional paradigms; causality and predictability as interpreted in interdisciplinary research methods; the modelling of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity; and the differentiation of data driven statistics and model driven probability. • Sustainable Finance & Societal Asset Owners: my interests include the ability of societal asset owners to empower sustainable finance; the accurately risk adjusted performance of societal asset owners such as pension funds, endowments, foundations, insurances and the deposits given to banking groups; the effectiveness of their investor activism, engagement and voting behaviour; the efficiency of their resource use in terms of fee structure and technology; as well as crucial aspects of their behaviour such as transparency, long termism, continuous education and other actions they may take to achieve a more conflict-free capitalism. • Transparent Sustainable Development: my interests include the divergence between disclosure and reporting; double bookkeeping and accurate disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions; conflicts between practical and theoretical corporate governance; the accurate assessment of societal impacts; corporate legal responsibility and the effectiveness of corporate law; regional progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals; and systemic risks and entrenched obstacles preventing a conflict-free capitalism.


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Regulatory Risk in Financial Institutions
University College Dublin Foundation CLG
14 Jul 2017 - 13 Jul 2019