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Anthony Brabazon

College Principal And Dean Of Business
School of Business
01 716 4705
University College Dublin, School of Business, Quinn School of Business Belfield Dublin 4


My research interests are: (i) natural computing theory and applications, and (ii) business applications of complex adaptive systems theory. Natural computation is the study of computational systems that draw metaphorical inspiration from natural systems, including biological, ecological and physical systems in order to develop algorithms and software tools for solving real-world problems. Algorithms inspired by the workings of these systems can be used for optimisation, classification and modelling. These algorithms and related software tools can be applied in multiple domains including finance, accounting, marketing, operations research, bioinformatics, telecommunications, and engineering. In the domain of complex adaptive systems (CAS), my research interests include the study of organisational strategic adaptation and the study of product invention processes. In early 2006 I co-founded (with Prof. Michael O'Neill) the Natural Computing Research and Applications Group (NCRA) at UCD. The NCRA is a multi-disciplinary research group which engages in theoretical research into natural computing methodologies and also engages in the development of practical applications of these methodologies. A full list of current research activities and research collaborators of the NCRA can be found at the group's web-site (see