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Assoc Professor Arturo Gonzalez

Assoc Professor

Arturo Gonzalez

Associate Professor
School of Civil Engineering
01 716 3219
University College Dublin, School of Civil Engineering, Richview Newstead Belfield Dublin 4


RESEARCH AREAS OF INTEREST: Structural Dynamics; Traffic Loading; Bridge Loading; Bridge Assessment; Health Monitoring; Weigh-In-Motion; Signal Processing Techniques; Neural Networks; Cooperative Learning; Educational Technology. RESEARCH PROJECTS AND PROPOSALS: At an international level , he has participated: as researcher/scientist in European FP4 framework projects WAVE (Weighing of Axles and Vehicles in Europe, 1996-1999), COST345 (Assessment and Rehabilitation of Highway Structures, 2000-2002), COST323 (Weigh-In-Motion of Road Vehicles, 1998-2000) and FP7 ASSET (Advanced Safety & driver Support for Essential road Transport, Jul 2008- Dec 2011, grant no. 217642 with a 8.1 million euro budget -430k euro to UCD-, Project Coordinator: PTV, Germany), where he supervised 3 PhDs and 1 MEngSc. He also participated as researcher and PhD co-supervisor in the Spanish project " Detección de daños estructurales en infraestructuras y edificios mediante la combinación de técnicas geomáticas avanzadas de medición y métodos estocásticos de análisis (Jan 2012 - December 2014, grant no. BIA2011-26915 with a 127k euro budget, Project Coordinator: Universidad de Oviedo, Spain)' funded by the Spanish Programa Nacional de Proyectos de Investigación Fundamental, del VI Plan de Investigación Nacional Científica, Desarrollo e Innovación Tecnológica. as UCD Principal Investigator (PI) in FP6 ARCHES (Assessment and Rehabilitation of Central European Highway Structures, Sep 2006- August 2009, grant no. 31272, with a 2.4 million euro budget -212k euro to UCD-, Project Coordinator: IBDIM, Poland), where he supervised 3 PhDs and FP7 TRANSFORMERS (Configurable and Adaptable Trucks and Trailers for Optimal Transport Efficiency, Sep 2013- Feb 2017, grant no. 605170 with a 7.9 million euro budget -38.4k euro to UCD-, Project Coordinator: Volvo, Sweden) under the FEHRL umbrella. as Project Coordinator (PC) in Horizon 2020 TRUSS (Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety, Jan 2015- Dec 2018, grant no. 642453 with a 3.7 million euro budget -1.3 million euro to UCD-) Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network (ITN), where he co-supervised 3 PhDs. This ITN call was highly competitive (more than 1000 proposals) with a success rate below 10.5%. TRUSS brought together an international consortium from 5 European countries consisting of four leading European Universities with a world perspective on education (TCD, UCD, UNOTT and UPC), five industry beneficiaries (Arup, EnSA, FSDL, Lloyd's Register EMEA, Phimeca) with complementary specialist expertise and six additional industry partners (Burgmann Packings, COMSA, Crack Ingenieria Catalana, Greenwood Engineering, Microlise, URS), one research institute (TRL) and two academic partners (Universite of Nantes and Aalborg University) providing specialised support in specific research projects. He is Irish Project Coordinator in MARS-Fly (Mobile Automated Rovers Fly-By for Bridge Network Resiliency, 2017-2020), a 1.7 million euro budget -437.5k euro to UCD- US-Ireland R&D partnership under the CNS-CPS SFI-NSF research programme, where he is supervising 1 PhD and 1 Postdoctoral researcher. Other partners in MARS-Fly include University of Alabama (USA) and Queen's University Belfast (UK). He has also participated in the proposals: FP6 ARCHES (as UCD PI), INCA and TOFFEE (2006); FP7 FORT, and ASSET (2007), CHAIN (2008), ITD Marie Curie TEEE (2011 and 2012), ITN Marie Curie TRUSS (2012, as main project coordinator) and TRANSFORMERS (2012, as UCD PI); Erasmus Mundus THEMES (2012, as main project coordinator); Horizon 2020 TRUSS ITN (2014, as main project coordinator), ESR-NET ITN (2016), AMORE (2016), For3est (2019), UPBEaT ITN (2019, as UCD PI); NSF-SFI USA-Ireland partnership FlyMon (2014 and 2016, as main Irish PI). At a national level , he was awarded a special distinction for his MSc thesis, and Trinity College and Forbairt Scholarships for the development of accurate Bridge Weigh-In-Motion systems for his PhD (1996-2000). During this period, he participated in the calibration of the Eurocode traffic loads for Irish conditions where significant reductions were achieved in a job commisioned by the NRA. Following completion of his doctorate, he won the prestigious Pierse Newman Fellowship to carry out post-doctoral research in UCD (2001-2003). As college lecturer, he obtained a scholarship (38.8k euro) from MCOS; RPS Consulting Engineers Ltd. that allowed him to fund the research of a Master student on "Dynamic Response of Highway Bridges Due to Vehicle Braking/Acceleration" (Oct 2003 - Sep 2004). He has participated in a successful HEA Transport proposal (2003). He also received funding (72k euro) from the Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology (IRCSET) to fund the research of a PhD student on "E mpirical Mode Decomposition of the Structural Response to a Moving Load for Damage Identification in Bridges" (Aug 2010- Aug 2013). He has received two supporting grants from Enterprise Ireland for coordination and preparation of ITN Marie Curie proposals (12.2k euro in 2012 and 12.5k in 2014). At an institutional level , he has obtained a career development award (13k euro) from UCD Urban Institute for research on "Cost Effective Transport Infrastructure" (Sep 2006 - Sep 2007) and he has been awarded a number of grants for dissemination and outputs under the UCD seed funding scheme (2008,2009,2012,2013) and under the Output-Based Research Support Scheme (2016,2017) with amounts that vary between 1.5k and 4k euro in each award. PUBLICATIONS: His number of citations is 1953, H-index is 25 and i10-index is 45 (April 2019). Updated citation Indexes of his main publications can be found in Top quartile (Q1) journal papers include 1 in International Journal of Numerical Methods in Eng. (IF=2.01, 92/2267 in 2015 SJR Engineering), 3 in Mechanical Systems & Signal Processing (MSSP) (Impact factor=2.067, ranked 4 of 360 in 2017 SJR Civil Eng.), 7 in Eng. Structures (IF =1.570, 12/360 in 2017 SJR), 2 in Computers & Structures (IF=1.606, 10/360 in 2017 SJR), 4 in Sound & Vibration (IF=1.49, 39/482 in 2015 Mechanical Eng.), 1 in European Journal of Mechanics, A/Solids (IF=1.46, 38/490 in 2016 SJR Mechanical Eng.), 1 in Structural Control and Health Monitoring (IF=1.45 in 2019 SJR), 1 in Progress in Nuclear Engineering (IF=1.24 in 2019 SJR), 2 in Structural Health Monitoring (IF=1.29, 57/482 in 2015 Mechanical Eng.), 1 in Vehicle System Dynamics (IF=1.14, 71/482 in 2015 Mechanical Eng.), 1 in Elsevier Nuclear Engineering and Design (IF=1.06 in 2018), 1 in ASCE Bridge Eng. (IF=1.04, 40/212 in 2015 Civil Eng.), 1 in Nuclear Engineering and Technology (IF=0.85 in 2018), 1 in Experimental Mechanics (IF=0.91, 95/482 in 2015 Mechanical Eng.) and 1 in International Journal of Engineering Education (IF=0.80, 505/2267 in 2015 SJR Engineering), and Q2 papers include 1 in Structures & Infrastructure Eng. (IF=0.70, 61/212 in 2015 Civil Eng.), 1 in Energy Procedia (IF=0.50 in 2017), 3 in Baltic Journal of Road & Bridge Eng. (IF=0.42,105/212 in 2015 Civil Eng.), 1 in Shock & Vibration (IF=0.41, 107/212 in 2015 Civil Eng.), 1 in International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education (IF=0.39 in 2018), 1 in Canadian Journal of Civil Eng. (IF=0.39, 111/212 in 2015 Civil Eng.) and 1 in Journal of Testing and Evaluation (IF=0.34 in 2015) among others. Some representative publications are: • The publication 'A wavelet-based damage detection algorithm based on bridge acceleration response to a vehicle' by Hester, D. and Gonzalez, A. (2012), Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 28, pp. 145-166, has been selected together with other 24 highly cited publications from across the 6 Schools within the College of Engineering and Architecture for the 'Publications Wall of Frames' in 2015 as a way of acknowledging their high number of citations (2nd highest in the School of Civil Engineering in the last 3 years) and the impact of research and innovation within the College. In 2017, the paper 'The use of a dynamic truck-trailer drive-by system to monitor bridge damping' by Keenahan, J., OBrien, E.J., McGetrick, P.J., and Gonzalez, A. (2014), Structural Health Monitoring 13(2), pp. 143-157, was also selected for the 'Publications Wall of Frames'. • The publication 'The use of vehicle acceleration measurements to estimate road roughness' by Gonzalez, A., OBrien, E.J., Li, Y. and Cashell, K. (2008), Vehicle System Dynamics 46(6), pp. 483-499, has been alternating first positions within the top 10 downloads from the School of Civil Engineering repository consistently from its publication in 2008. More recently, the publication in International Journal of Engineering Education 30(5) titled 'Multi-faceted Impact of a Team Game Tournament on the Ability of the Learners to Engage and Develop their Own Critical Skill Set' by Gonzalez, A., Jennings, D. and Manriquez, L. (2014) has also entered the list of top 10 downloads within the School. • The book chapter 'Vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction using finite element modelling' by Gonzalez, A., chapter 26 in book titled 'Finite Element Analysis', InTech, pp. 637-662, has had more than 14000 downloads (March 2018) in the publisher's website. RESEARCH PROFILES: In researchgate: In ORCID: In Scopus: In Linkedin: In


Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
1 Oct 2017 - 1 Oct 2020
OBRSS Research Support Scheme
University College Dublin (UCD)
1 Nov 2016 - 31 Oct 2020
Training in Reducing Uncertainty in Structural Safety (TRUSS)
1 Jan 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
H2020 coordinator support
Enterprise Ireland (EI)
29 Jan 2014 - 30 Jan 2015
1 Sep 2013 - 1 Sep 2017
Damage Detection Methods using the Vehicle-Bridge Interaction Response
University College Dublin (UCD)
1 May 2013 - 31 Oct 2014
TRUSS Enterprise Ireland Coordinator Support Grant
Enterprise Ireland (EI)
11 Oct 2012 - 22 Nov 2012
Presentations at IABMAS2012 the Sixth International Conference on Bridge Maintenance Safety and Management.
University College Dublin (UCD)
1 May 2012 - 31 Oct 2013
Empirical Mode Decomposition of the Structural Response to a Moving Load for Damage Identification in Bridges
Irish Research Council for Science Engineering and Technology (IRCSET)
16 Aug 2010 - 15 Aug 2013
Cost effective transport infrastructure
UCD Urban Institute of Ireland
20 Sep 2006 - 20 Sep 2007