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Dr Brian Tobin


Brian Tobin

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Science
Ext 7352
University College Dublin, School of Agriculture and Food Science, Agriculture and Food Science Belfield Dublin 4


I received my degree in Forestry from University College Dublin in 1999. Following which I worked on a research masters with Prof J. Gardiner investigating the early root development of planted ash in commercial forest plantations. I began work on a Ph.D. with the CARBiFOR project which assessed C-stocks in the major Irish forest type. With Prof. M. Nieuwenhuis, the forestry-based work focused on biomass allocation within a chronosequence of Sitka spruce in the midlands. This work included the development of biomass expansion factors and allometric biomass equations, basic density measurements from tree stems as well as from belowground large roots and carbon content assessments.In 2007, with funding from COFORD, CARBiFOR II was initiated to expand the scope of the original project to further species (including ash, oak, larch and lodgepole pine) and soils, as well as covering coarse woody deadwood and its breakdown and decomposition. I co-ordinated and worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow on this project. As a Research Fellow I coordinated the CForRep project and examined the impact of disturbance on forest deadwood carbon pools. We had the opportunity to investigate the contribution of respiratory and leached losses to total woody decomposition. Another project during this period (ShortFor) has investigated the potential of short rotation forest systems in Ireland. This work has allowed us to investigate the productivity of a series of fast-growing species and how they respond to spacing/competition. Productivity and vigour are also a focus of research in the FORM project, where we are carrying out work on securing forest reproductive material and particularly in better understanding the basis of vigour in improved Sitka spruce. Since 2017 I have been a Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Forestry. Using funding from the UCD SPARC programme, an apiary was established on campus in the Rosemount Environmental Research Station in 2014. I manage the apiary largely as a teaching resource but also host some small trials and research projects relating to pollination ecology.


  • Post Doctoral Research Fellow
    University College Dublin1 Jan 2008 - 31 Dec 2011
  • Research Fellow
    University College Dublin, Belfield, Ireland2012 - 2017
  • Lecturer/Assistant Professor in Forestry
    University College Dublin, Belfield, Ireland2017


  • PhD
    University College Dublin