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Professor David Browne


David Browne

Professor, Vice-Principal For Research & Innovation - College Of Engineering & Architecture
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
01 716 1901
University College Dublin, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Engineering Building Belfield Dublin 4


David Browne is currently on research sabbatical at Yale University, Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science. He is a Professor in Materials Science & Engineering at UCD. Prof. Browne was Vice-Principal for Research, Innovation and Impact, UCD College of Engineering & Architecture (2014-2019), during which time he introduced many new initiatives to encourage research and there was a substantial increase in competitive funding secured for research in the College. Following a BE in Mechanical Engineering from UCD (1985), David worked for the Garrett Corporation (now part of Honeywell) subsidiary in Waterford, Ireland, on casting of turbocharger impellers. From 1987 to 1990 he was involved with joint research (Oxford University and Davy McKee Poole Ltd.) in the UK on twin-roll casting of aluminum alloys. He was awarded an M.Sc. (Materials Science) for this work. In 1990 he joined the faculty of University College Dublin, where he now leads the Phase Transformation Research Group (PTRG), concentrating on alloy solidification and bulk metallic glasses. In 1996-1997 Dr Browne spent sabbatical leave at Cornell and Oxford Universities. In 2003 David was awarded the degree of D.Phil. (Materials Science) from the University of Oxford for his research on computational modeling the columnar-equiaxed transition in alloy solidification. David has supervised many PhD students to completion, and has published over 200 papers, including over 90 in international peer-reviewed journals. In December 2015 David was PI on a project, funded by the European Space Agency, which achieved X-ray directly monitored equiaxed solidification of a metallic alloy in the microgravity conditions of space, for the first time ever [1]. Since that we have developed a methodology to quantify 3D dendrite tip growth parameters, and solute pile-up on solidification, using our PTRG computational model [2] and real-time synchrotron X-ray imaging [3]. Prof. Browne has extended these techniques, together with colleagues in the UK, France, Norway, Russia and the Netherlands, to the in-situ study of flow patterns during the solidification of alloys in welding and additive manufacturing processes [4]. These experimental patterns agree well with our earlier model predictions, in computational work carried out by UCD-PTRG with TU Delft [5]. The PTRG is continuing research on phase transformations, including: assessing the effects of gravity on alloy solidification, computational modelling of additive manufacturing with metals, and exploring the processing and properties of bulk metallic glasses and composites for precision manufacture, biomedical – e.g. [6] – and space/optical applications. David and the PTRG welcome collaboration on relevant topics from interested parties, either in industry or academia, anywhere in the world. References (with Web Links where on Open Access): [1] Murphy, A.G., Mathiesen, R.H., Houltz, Y., Li, J., Lockowandt, C., Henriksson, K., Melville, N., Browne, D.J., “Direct observation of spatially isothermal equiaxed solidification of an Al-Cu alloy in microgravity on board the MASER 13 sounding rocket”, Journal of Crystal Growth,454, 2016, pp. 96-104. Open Access: [2] McFadden, S., Browne, D.J., “A generalized version of an Ivantsov-based dendrite growth model incorporating a facility for solute measurement ahead of the tip”, Computational Materials Science, 55, 2012, pp. 245-254 [3] Mirihanage, W.U., Falch, K.V., Casari, D., McFadden, S., Browne, D.J., Snigireva, I., Snigirev, A., Li, Y.J., Mathiesen, R.H., “Non-steady 3D dendrite tip growth under diffusive and weakly convective conditions”, Materialia, 5, 2019, paper 100215. Open Access (until 15 March 2019): [4] Aucott, L., Dong, H.B., Mirihanage, W.U., Atwood, R.C., Kidess, A., Gao, S., Wen, S.W., Marsden, J.A., Feng, S., Tong, M., Connolley, T., Drakopoulos, M., Kleijn, C.R., Richardson, I.M, , Browne, D.J., Mathiesen, R.H., Atkinson, H.V., “Revealing internal flow behaviour in arc welding and additive manufacturing of metals”, Nature Communications, 9, 2018, paper 5414. Open Access: [5] Kidess, A., Tong, M., Duggan, G., Browne, D.J., Kenjeres, S., Richardson, I., Kleijn, C.R., “An integrated model for the post-solidification shape and grain morphology of fusion welds”, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 85, 2015, pp. 667-678. [6] Meagher, P., O’Cearbhaill, E.D., Byrne, J.H., Browne, D.J., “Bulk metallic glasses for implantable medical devices and surgical tools”, Advanced Materials, 28, 2016, pp. 5755-5762. Open Access:


  • Research Associate
    University of Oxford, Department of Materials, United Kingdom1987 - 1989
  • Assistant Lecturer
    University College Dublin, Department of Mechanical Engineering Uni, Ireland1990 - 1992
  • Lecturer
    University College Dublin, Mechanical Engineering, Ireland1992 - 2005
  • Research visitor
    Cornell University, and Oxford University, United Kingdom1996 - 1997
  • Director
    University College Dublin Engineering Metals Processing Research Centre, Ireland1997
  • Senior Lecturer
    Univeristy College Dublin1 Jun 2005 - 30 Apr 2016
  • Associate Professor
    University College Dublin1 May 2016 - 9 Apr 2017
  • Professor
    Univeristy College Dublin10 Apr 2017


  • Process Engineer
    Allied Signal (Garrett) Ireland Limited, Ireland1985 - 1987
  • Development Engineer
    Davy McKee (Poole) Limited, Ireland1989 - 1990
  • Research Director
    Materials Ireland Metals Processing Research Unit, Ireland1994 - 1996


  • BE
    University College Dublin
  • MSc
    Oxford University UK
  • CEng
  • DPhil
    Oxford University UK