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Declan Downey

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of History
01 716 8633
University College Dublin, School of History, Newman Building Belfield Dublin 4


History of Diplomacy & International Law; Contemporary European Union - Asian relations; Japanese-Western Relations, 1559-Present; Habsburg Austria & Spain, The Netherlands and Germany 1500-1870 ; Irish émigré elites in Spain, Austria, The Low Countries and Germany and c.1560-1860; Co-Director of the Irish in Spain and the Iberian Trans-Atlantic World International Research Project Website Database for Research on Irish Émigrés in Europe c. 1600-1900: Declan M. Downey is co-director and co-editor with Dr. Ciaran Brady (Trinity College, Dublin.), of the 'Wild Geese Regiments Database Project - Irish officers and soldiers in the Spanish Service c.1560-1810 and of Phase II 'Irish officers and soldiers in the Austrian and Spanish Imperial Naval Services c.1700-1900'. This is a joint T.C.D.-U.C.D. research operation that is part of the Scottish-Irish Studies Project funded by the Irish Higher Education Authority. Post-Doctoral Mentorship Principal Investigator Supervision of IRCHSS-CARA Post-Doctoral Fellow (1 Oct.2011- 30 Sept. 2015) Dr. Edward Collins : Iberian Contributions to Nautical Scientific Developments in Northern Europe in the early modern period Supervision of Ph.D. dissertations in History, UCD Completed, Submitted & Examined Successfully Sept. 2016: John O’Halloran, Mary I’s Irish bishops: careers and legacy Defended Successfully on 3 February 2017 – Degree Conferred September 2017 Sept. 2012: Eduardo de Mesa Gallego, Ad Astra John Hume Doctoral Scholar, The Irish Tercios in the Spanish Military Revolution, 1621-1644 – Degree Conferred June 2013 Jan. 2012: Evelien Schillern IRCHSS Doctoral Scholar, The Dutch Involvement in the Williamite War in Ireland, 1689-’91 – Degree Conferred on 3 December 2012 Aug. 2011: Eoin Kinsella, Micheál Ó Cléirigh Doctoral Scholar Not so ‘worsted in the game’: a case study of Colonel John Browne, articleman of Limerick, c.1690-1711 – Degree Conferred on September 2012 Aug. 2011: James McCrohan, The world of John Aylward: Irish émigré merchant in the late-seventeenth century - Degree Conferred on September 2012 Aug. 2011: Fintan Hoey IRCHSS Doctoral Scholar & Japan Foundation Fellow, Satô and America, US-Japanese political, military and diplomatic relations during the tenure of Satô Eisaku, Prime Minister of Japan, 1964-’72. Degree Conferred on 3 December 2012 This is the first ever Ph.D. thesis in Japanese and Asian History, ever to be submitted in an Irish university. Supervision of M.Litt. dissertation in History, U.C.D. 2004: Brian O’Mahony, Family Matters: The Butler Archbishops of Cashel in the 18’th Century,