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Dr Ellen O'Carroll


Ellen O'Carroll

Post Doc Research Fellow Lvl I
School of Archaeology
+44 17061251 Ext.1251
University College Dublin, School of Archaeology


A Post-doctoral fellow working on the exciting FOODCULT project ( This project brings together history, archaeology, science and information technology to explore the diet and foodways of diverse communities in early modern Ireland. It will serve as a model for future comparative and interdisciplinary work in the field of historical food studies. My role is developing and populating the FoodCult Mapping Diet database. This will include collating, mapping and recording the current location, of food-related zooarchaeological, archaeobotanical and artefactual evidence, across urban, domestic and garden assemblages dated to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The database will facilitate the complex interdisciplinary study of comparative regional diets in early modern Ireland, enabling statistical queries in relation to domestic production/site economy; dietary components/quality; human nutrition and consumption/material culture. My background is as a specialist in Environmental Archaeological which includes skill sets in charcoal, pollen, waterlogged wood and worked wood analysis.These analyses aid in the reconstructing and relationships between past societies and the environments that people lived in. I have worked as an archaeologist in Ireland for over 20 years, both in the commercial and research sector. During this time I have collaborated with specialists around Ireland and also have strong research contacts across Europe both with environmental archaeologists and specialists in wood/charcoal/pollen analysis.


  • PhD
    Trinity College Dublin


  • Diploma in EIA Management
    University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland


  • PhD
    Trinity College Dublin, Botany, Dublin, Ireland2008 - 2012
    Environmental ArchaeologyInternshipSupervised by Mitchell FJG
  • MA
    University College Cork, Archaeology, Cork, Ireland1992 - 1994
    Environmental ArchaeologyOtherSupervised by Monk MA