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Dr Florence Renou-Wilson


Florence Renou-Wilson

Project Manager
School of Biology and Environmental Science
01 716 2253
University College Dublin, School of Biology and Environmental Science, Science Centre - West Belfield Dublin 4


Research Scientist, Lecturer and Director of MSc Programme in Global Change: Ecosystem Science and Policy As a research scientist, my main goal is to understand the workings of natural ecosystems to ultimately provide guidance to stakeholders in the fields of policy, industry, civil society, and natural resource management. The purpose of my research is to consolidate knowledge about climate change and its impacts on ecosystem dynamics and I am dedicated to the transfer of my expertise into action that promotes sustainable practices.My current research interests are: the biogeochemical cycles and management of peatlands and organic soils (for the mitigation and adaptation to climate change and for biodiversity; greenhouse gas emissions from peat soils; peatland forestry; after-use of cutaway peatlands; environmental monitoring and water quality; ecological modelling; appropriate assessment (assessment of impacts on protected areas).I have been working as a research scientist in UCD since 1998 in collaboration with Irish institutions such as EPA, Coillte, Bord na Móna, Teagasc and NPWS as well as collaborating with other researchers in University of Limerick, University College Cork, Trinity College Dublin and Queen's University, and abroad in Scotland, Finland, Germany and France. Lecturer / Director MSc Global Change: Ecosystem Science and PolicyDeveloped between UCD and Justus-Liebig-University Giessen (Germany), the philosophy of policy-relevant evidence is the central core of this Masters programme aiming to give graduates skills to bridge the gap between science and policy.I co-ordinate and lecture the following modules: ENVB 40040: Environmental Impact AssessmentENVB40530: Impact Assessment procedure (on-line)ENVB40310: Peatlands and Environmental ChangeENVB40360: Peatlands and Global Change (on-line)ENVB40540: Ecological mapping and QGISBIOL40130: Research Project BIOL40120: Work Placement and teach in : BIOL10030: Plant Cell Biology BIOL20010: Global Environmental Change and Agriculture ProfessionalI am a Lead Author for the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change for the Supplement to the 2006 Guidelines on Wetlands. I am also member of the Advisory Group to the Peatland Council set up by the government to assist Ireland to respond to the requirement s of EU and domestic law relating to the protection of important peatland habitats.Dr Flo Renou-Wilson


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