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Dr Gavin Stewart


Gavin Stewart

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Biology and Environmental Science
University College Dublin, School of Biology and Environmental Science, Science Centre Belfield Dublin 4


After studying for a B.SC.(Hons.) degree at The University of Leeds, I obtained my PhD in Physiological Sciences at The University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne studying renal chloride channels. I spent the next 5 years working as a research associate for Dr. Craig Smith at The University of Manchester. Continuing the renal theme to my research, I investigated the facilitative urea transporters that are predominantly found in the kidneys. Through this research I obtained a 3-year Career Development Fellowship from Kidney Research UK, with a project entitled "Acute regulation of renal facilitative urea transporters". During this time, I developed a growing interest in gastrointestinal urea transporters - both in monogastric (e.g. humans) and ruminant (e.g. cattle) mammals. My research interests now centre upon the roles of these gastrointestinal urea transporters play in the maintenance of nitrogen balance and the symbiotic relationship that mammals have with their intestinal microbiota.


  • Lecturer in Comparative Physiology
    University College Dublin1 Nov 2008
  • Kidney Research UK Fellow
    The University of Manchester1 Jul 2005 - 30 Aug 2008
  • Research Associate
    The University of Manchester1 Feb 2000 - 30 Jun 2005


  • BSc
    University of Leeds
  • PhD
    Univ Newcastle upon Tyne