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Professor Gerardine Doyle


Gerardine Doyle

School of Business
01 716 4717
University College Dublin, School of Business, Quinn School of Business Belfield Dublin 4


Three research areas: 1. Accounting/Costing for health care: Gerardine has been engaged in longitudinal field studies of accounting change in the acute care hospital setting, studying accounting as a social and institutional practice. As a visiting scholar at Harvard Business School (2017) Gerardine's research agenda includes Value Measurement for Health Care. Gerardine has also carried out costing studies, cost/benefit analyses and budget impact analyses in the health sector. Gerardine has been engaged in a study of patient level costing with colleagues across 11 EU member states, in addition to an EU FP7 funded study costing diabetes care and an Enterprise Ireland/IDA funded study on the cost of dementia care. 2. Health literacy: Gerardine was the prinicpal investigator for Ireland on a study of health literacy across eight European countries (HLS-EU) funded by the European Agency for Health and Consumers (2009-2012). Gerardine led the work package 'Valorization activities for stakeholders at the national and regional levels' which resulted in the award of three societal impact awards. Gerardine is the Principal Investigator for Ireland for the recently launched World Health Organisation Action Network on Measuring Population and Organisational Health Literacy, a European Health Information Initiative. 3. Taxation: Where health policy meets tax policy - Gerardine is researching the role fiscal policy may play to influence health behaviour, through an evaluation of the impact of sugar sweetened beverage taxes on purchasing and consumption of such drinks, alongside attitudes towards the sugar tax and sugary drinks. Gerardine is also engaged in a qualitative research study surrounding the governance of tax avoidance.