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Dr Hilary Cassidy


Hilary Cassidy

Postdoc Research Fellow Lvl Ii
School of Medicine
University College Dublin, School of Medicine


For my undergraduate studies I completed a BSc Toxicology in Athlone Institute of Technology and subsequently a BSc Biochemistry and Biotechnology from Dublin Institute of Technology. I spent two years working in Uppsala university researching viral microRNA expression by HPV16. This led me to undertake a PhD in Pharmacology and Toxicology under the supervision of Dr Tara McMorrow and Prof. Michael Ryan (School of Biomoloecular and Biomedical Science, Conway Institute, UCD). My PhD focused on the identification of novel urinary biomarkers of chronic allograft nephropathy and employed in vitro studies and clinical samples, proteomics and metabolomics to identify novel biomarkers for disease onset and progression. Following on from this I was awarded the Baxter Newman Fellowship, which focused on the identification of novel protein and micrRNA biomarkers of diabetic kidney disease (diabetic nephropathy), both in vitro and in a diabetic nephropathy clinical urinary cohort. I joined SBI in as a postdoctoral researcher in 2016, under the supervision of David Gomez. My work is part of the exciting SmartNanoTox project, a horizon 2020 project which focuses determining the toxicity of inhaled nanoparticles and establishing a system for classing new nanoparticles based on their ability to produce the pathway-relevant key event. My particular role in the project is the identification of composition of the protein corona of each nanoparticle through mass spectrometry. It is thought that the composition of this "protein cloak" is central to the overall toxicity of a nanoparticle and it is hoped that by gaining a more in-depth understanding of the protein content of this corona we can identify properties of concern for new nanomaterials, thus helping to reduce the need for blanket toxicity testing and extensive animal testing in the future.


  • Postdoctoral Researcher II
    University College Dublin, Systems Biology Ireland, Dublin, Ireland1 Sep 2018
  • Postdoctoral Researcher I
    University College Dublin, Systems Biology Ireland, Dublin, Ireland1 Sep 2016 - 1 Sep 2018
  • Baxter Newman Fellow
    University College Dublin, Conway Institute, Dublin, Ireland3 Feb 2014 - 31 Mar 2016


  • MSc
    University College Dublin
  • PhD
    University College Dublin


  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certification
    ICON Firecrest, Dublin, Ireland
  • Health Information Training Systems (HITS)
    St Vincent's Hospital Dublin, Dublin, Ireland