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Dr Ibrahim Khalil


Ibrahim Khalil

Research Fellow
School of Biology and Environmental Science
University College Dublin, School of Biology and Environmental Science, Science Centre Belfield Dublin 4


Currently working as a Senior Researcher (Environmental Systems Scientist and Modeller) with a DAFM-funded project " Ensemble Modelling: Inter-comparison of process-based models for prediction of C and N emissions from Irish agriculture and their uncertainties" - integral part of an inter-institutional project "Irish Land UsES" collaborated by Teagasc (Coordinator), UCD (SBES, EI and Forestry), DIT and AFBI, NI. The overall project objective is to investigate policy or management scenarios in developing low carbon strategies, to provide a multi-disciplinary decision support system for policy makers by adapting to existing models, and develop a range of policy scenarios. Coordinating and leading "Climate Resilient Agri-Envrionmetnal Systems (CRAES)" - A multi-disciplinary group for research, education and outreach to help mitigate climate change, reduce environmental pollution, and ensure food security. The main mission is to improve understanding of (i) agricultural systems, their role in climate change and environmental degradation, (ii) the influence of management practices and climate change on the systems themselves and the wider environment. Also harness multidisciplinary research teams to help develop smart agricultural systems which will be productive and profitable in future environments but also sustainable at local and global scales. Also co-coordinating and associated with ERA-GAS FACCE-funded international project "Managing and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Carbon Sequestration in Different Landscape Mosaics (GHG-Manage)" and the collaborating countries are France, Germany, Ireland, Poland and The Netherlands. The main objective is to assess GHG exchange characteristics of typical European landscape types, both on mineral and organic soils, including CO2, CH4 and N2O emissions, using existing and new experimental data, and make these accessible for quantification tools such as the Cool Farm Tool (CFT) and process-oriented whole farm models. Immediately before, worked as a senior researcher attached to UCD with EPA and DAFM-funded projects such as: (1) Sourcing and Assessing Agricultural Activity Data for Modelling and National Estimates of Greenhouse Gases and Air Pollutants, and (2) Development of methodologies and simulation of process-based models for accounting and reporting greenhouse gases (GHGs) emitting from Irish agriculture and associated land use change. Before that worked as a Research Officer (Project Coordinator/Manager) at Teagasc Environment Research Centre, Wexford, Ireland with a DAFM-funded project on "Subsoils and Groundwater Denitrification". During the mentioned project periods, involved as a partner/collaborator in some Teagasc and UCD-led research projects on emission and mitigation of GHGs from Irish agriculture and also co-supervised the research works of post-graduate/PhD and European work placement students. Following MS and PhD in Environmental Soil Chemistry under a twining programme between Ghent University Belgium and Universiti Putra Malaysia, did post-doctoral research for >4 yrs in UK, Germany and Japan with prestigious fellowships awarded by the The Royal Society, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, respectively. Also a former Senior Scientific Officer of Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture, Mymensingh with research focused on soil-water-nutrient interactions in agricultural soils. Published more than 150 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals/proceedings/popular/book chapters, supervised scientific staff and post-graduate students, offered specials classes to under- and post-graduate students, reviewer of several international journals, evaluated PhD proposals, secured research funding from national and international funding bodies, etc.


  • Research Fellow/Scientist
    School of Biology and Environmental Science, Earth Institute, Dublin 4, Ireland1 Dec 2009


  • Research Fellow
    University College Dublin1 Dec 2009
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow
    Chiba University, Japan1 Dec 2005 - 31 Mar 2007
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow
    Technical University of Munich, Germany1 Oct 2003 - 1 Sep 2005
  • Visiting (Post-Doc) Fellow
    Imperial College London, United Kingdom1 Jan 2003 - 30 Jun 2003


  • Research Officer
    Teagasc- Agriculture and Food Development Authority, Ireland2 Apr 2007 - 30 Nov 2009
  • Senior Scientific Officer
    Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture16 Nov 1992 - 30 Nov 2005
  • Scientific Officer
    Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture20 Jul 1987 - 15 Nov 1992


  • English
    Can read, write, speak, understand and peer review
  • Bengali
    Can read, write, speak, understand and peer review
  • German
    Can read, speak and understand
  • Malay
    Can read and understand
  • Hindi
    Can read, speak and understand
  • Arabic
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