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Dr Jan Klimas


Jan Klimas

Marie Curie Research Fellow
School of Medicine
University College Dublin, School of Medicine, Coombe Healthcare Centre Cork Street Dublin 8


Dr Jan Klimas, M.Sc., Ph.D. is a Research Fellow in medical school at University College Dublin. He completed his doctoral training in Slovakia where he studied quality of social interaction, personality characteristics and personal changes in drug users across a range of settings. His recent Cochrane systematic review laid foundations for his current research on implementing psychosocial interventions in opioid agonist treatment in Ireland, U.S. and Canada. This work received the INVEST award from the National Institute for Drug Abuse and best paper award from Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. He recently examined training of healthcare providers in the care of people with substance use disorders and related harms at University of British Columbia in Canada - a project awarded by the Early-career Fellowship award from the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM). He is affiliated as a Researcher with the Primary Connections Research Group in University College Dublin.Since his undergraduate programme, Jan has been actively involved in community organisations, first as an Outreach Drugs Worker and later on as Assistant Project Manager in a needle exchange project. He further utilised the knowledge and expertise gained from this work in a community unemployment service (Hungary), in community drugs initiative for young drug users (Ireland) and in a stabilisation day programme for people contemplating a reduction in their use of drugs (Dublin).Jan's professional and research interests lay broadly in the areas of harm reduction, addiction treatment and qualitative methodologies ( Specific research interests: 1. Psychosocial interventions for problem alcohol use among people who also use illicit drugs 2. Overdose prevention and Naloxone distribution programmes 3. Primary care of patients in opioid agonist treatment 4. I am interested in supervising systematic reviews (e.g., Current projects 2014-2019; National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH; $338,108; HIV researchers mentoring the next generation of addiction clinician scientists (PI: Wood; Co-investigators: Klimas et al; R25 DA-037756) 2016-2018; Health Research Board Ireland; (PI) '56,303; Professional interventions to improve detection of depression among adolescents within primary care: Cochrane Fellowship (Co-PIs: Klimas, Cullen; Fellow: D. Swan; Co-authors: Hannigan, McNicholas, Smyth) Current systematic review projects Barry, T., Conroy, N., Masterson, S., Klimas, J., Segurado, R., Codd, M., Bury, G. (2017) Community first responders for out of hospital cardiac arrest: Protocol. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews Issue 8. Art. No.: CD012764. Wood, E., Albarquoni, L., Tkachuk, S., Green, C.J., McLean, M., Ahamad, K., Klimas, J. Will this adult patient develop severe alcohol withdrawal? The Rational Clinical Examination Systematic Review (Manuscript under review at JAMA) Moss, E., McEachern, J., Adye-White, L., Priest, K., Gorfinkel, L., Wood, E., Klimas, J. Large variation in provincial guidelines for urine drug screening during opioid agonist treatment in Canada. (Under Review at Canadian Journal on Addiction) McEachern, J., Adye-White, L., Moss, E., Cullen, W., Wood, E., Klimas, J. Urine drug screening frequency and health outcomes for persons on opioid agonist therapy: A critical review (Under review at International J of Drug Policy) Completed projects 2014-2017; Irish Research Council Elevate Postdoctoral Fellowship, 'Better Addiction Medicine Education for Doctors, (PI: Cullen; Co-investigators: Wood, Klimas), '227,435 2013-2013; National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), INVEST Fellowship: 'Implementing SBIRT interventions among opioid agonist patients,' (PI: McCarty; Co-investigators: Muench, Klimas), $22,000 2014-2015; The Foundation for Research & Education Award from Irish College of General Practitioners; '3,500; Overdose prevention and naloxone distribution: an education and training tool for community health professionals (PI Bury; Collaborator: J. Klimas) 2013-2015; Health Research Board Ireland; '330,000; 'Are psychosocial interventions for problem alcohol use effective among problem drug users (PINTA): A controlled feasibility study' (PI: Cullen; Co-investigator: Klimas) 2013; Irish Research Council; '5,758; 'Supporting empiric research and capacity building on brief interventions and their delivery in primary care (PINTA-TOUR)' (PI: Cullen; Co-investigator: Klimas) 2011-2013; British Association for Counselling Psychology; £5,000; What aspects of psychological therapy do clients find important in delivering relief from eating disorders?' A Systematic Review of the Qualitative Evidence, (PI: Timulak; Co-investigator: Klimas) 2009-2012; Health Research Board Ireland; '201,000; Towards optimum care of alcohol use among drug users, (PI: Cullen; Research assistant: Klimas) Professional Honours/ Academic Awards Best contributed article by the Communications Working Group of the Marie Curie Alumni Association, 2015 International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM); $2,500; Grant-In-Aid-Of-Travel (Dundee, Scotland), 2015 The Aindreas McEntee medical writing competition by Irish Medical Writers, 2014 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA); $1,675; International Travel Award for the 2014 NIDA International Forum (June 12-16, San Juan, Puerto Rico), Best paper winner in the General Practice category by Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland, 2013 The Netherlands Organisation for Health Research & Development (ZonMW); '1,350; Travel Award for the Summer Institute on Alcohol, Drugs and Addiction, Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; (10-22/07), 2011 Non-Academic Awards Leonardo Da Vinci Scholarship Scholarship, European Lifelong Learning Programme EU, 2008-2009, '3,416 European Voluntary Service, European Youth in Action Programme EU, 'The Contact Point: Without Borders,' 2007-2008, '7,860


  • Cochrane Fellow
    University of Limerick, Ireland21 Oct 2010 - 21 Oct 2012
  • Research Assistant
    University College Dublin, Ireland7 Oct 2009 - 21 Sep 2012
  • Postdoc
    University College Dublin, Medicine, Dublin, Ireland21 Sep 2012 - 31 Aug 2017
  • Researcher
    University of British Columbia, BC Centre on Substance Use, Vancouver, Canada8 Oct 2014


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