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Professor John Walsh


John Walsh

Full Professor
School of Earth Sciences
01 716 2169
University College Dublin, School of Earth Sciences, Science Centre - Hub Belfield Dublin 4


I am a Co-PI and founding Director of iCRAG, the Irish Centre for Research in Applied Geosciences, and Co-Director of the Fault Analysis Group in the School of Geological Sciences. iCRAG is an SFI research centre, jointly funded by SFI and industry, which performs applied geoscience research in Ireland within a broad range of application areas, including the groundwater, hydrocarbon, marine and raw materials industries: further information can be found at the iCRAG website: Full details of our research group's work (including project descriptions, publications, conference presentations, software innovations etc.) are available on our website: The website also includes a selection of additional features, including a photo gallery and paper models. This personal website provides some additional information about me and will probably therefore be of little interest to anyone! Before you are lulled into a deep slumber I suggest that you refer to our more comprehensive group website: however, be aware that it is designed to inform not to entertain!As a UCD graduate in 1980, I went to the National University of Ireland at Galway to do a PhD under the supervision of Paul Ryan on the Caledonian geology of an area in Central Norway. In 1985 I joined the University of Liverpool, a Grade 5 RAE-rated department, becoming a founding member of the Fault Analysis Group directed by Juan Watterson. At first our work concentrated on investigating the geometry and growth of faults, principally by defining quantitative aspects of faults in Coal Measures analysed from British Coal mine plan data and opencast coal sites. By 1990 our studies had expanded to the analysis of faults in offshore basins from 2D and 3D seismic datasets, complemented by outcrop studies in a variety of areas, both at home and abroad. In the '90's our interests extended beyond issues relating to the geometry and growth of faults and fractures, into flow-related matters complemented by an increased component of numerical modelling of flow within fault systems. In 1996, when I became Director of the Group, our research consolidated our work on faults principally from outcrop and seismic data, but with an expanding diet of reservoir-related research. Our group, comprising 7 post-doctoral researchers, then relocated to the UCD School of Geological Sciences in 2000, a move which broadly coincided with the introduction of new research areas related to mineral deposits, fault system growth on earthquake time scales and the discrete element method (DEM) modelling of fault/fracture systems. Our research now covers a broad range of topics, which are pretty well represented on our publication, project and lecture lists on our website ( Our group currently comprises 5 staff members with 7 associated postgraduate students; all staff positions, apart from my own, are entirely externally funded from public and industrial sources.


  • BSc
    University College Dublin
  • PhD
    NUI Galway IRL