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Dr Jonathan Turner


Jonathan Turner

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Geography
01 716 8175
University College Dublin, School of Geography, Newman Building Belfield Dublin 4


I am a Lecturer in Physical Geography and Erasmus Coordinator in the UCD School of Geography. I currently teach courses on Earth Systems (Stage 1), Fluvial Geomorphology (Stage 2), River Catchment Management (Stage 3), and Urban Rivers (MSc). My research interests lie in the fields of River Science, Geomorphology and Environmental Change. I am Director of the UCD Geography Itrax Core Scanner platform, which was acquired under HEA Equipment Renewal funding in 2009. Much of my research now centres on the application of this facility, alongside other complementary palaeoenvironmental methods, to answer research questions related to environmental change and reconstruction. These collaborative projects range from research in deep marine contexts to shallow floodplain environments and more recently rock cores. Research projects I am currently involved with include Reconnect (2016-2019), which is funded under by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This project is being undertaken by a multi-disciplinary research team in University College Dublin to investigate the ecohydromorphological impacts of barriers to flow, such as weir structures ( I am also involved in the Ancient Methone Archaeology Project (2013-2016). This project is headed by Professors John Papadopoulous and Sarah Morris from the Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA and includes integrated geophysical and geomorphological investigations to reconstruct the buried harbour and shoreline of the ancient port of Methone, Greece. This research is supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) (John Papadopoulous) and UCD Seed Funding (Jonathan Turner). Recently completed projects include SILTFLUX (2012-2016), which was funded by the EPA; INFER (2012-14), which was funded under the Marie Curie IEF scheme; and Source2Sink (2016-2018), which was funded by the EPA under the 2015 Climate Change call.


  • BSc
    Univ Newcastle upon Tyne
  • MSc
    University College London
  • PhD
    Univ.of Wales Aberystwyth