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Dr Michael Salter-Townshend


Michael Salter-Townshend

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Mathematics and Statistics
01 716 2487
University College Dublin, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Science Centre - East Belfield Dublin 4


I am an Assistant Professor of Statistics in University College Dublin since Jan 2017. My personal webpage is My primary research interest is in population genetics, with a focus on human genomes. This involves modelling the patterns of shared variation between individuals and can shed light on questions of human demographic history, natural selection, and disease association mapping. My particular focus is on building sophisticated models for admixture; this is when two or more previously diverged sub-populations come together and it leads to interesting structure in the DNA of ancestors of the mixing groups. To this end I'm building extensions to some existing Hidden Markov Models for population genetics. I'm also active in several other areas of applied computational statistics, including social network analysis and palaeoclimate reconstruction. See my publications for more information.


  • PhD
    Trinity College Dublin