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Assoc Professor Miguel Bustamante

Assoc Professor

Miguel Bustamante

Associate Professor
School of Mathematics and Statistics
01 716 2236
University College Dublin, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Science Centre - East Belfield Dublin 4


I am an applied mathematician with a PhD in Physics. The bulk of my work is theoretical and numerical, but I always look for experimental applications of my results. ​ My research interests can be put in 2 categories: - Turbulence, extreme events and finite-time singularities in fluids and general nonlinear systems. - Nonlinear energy-transfer mechanisms in wave systems such as precession resonance and dynamical systems approach. ​ I have applied my work successfully to many real-life systems, including: - Free-surface water waves driven by gravity. - Drift waves in plasmas and planetary Rossby waves in the atmosphere and oceans. - Ideal inviscid fluids, classical fluids and magneto-hydrodynamics. - Quantum superfluids. ​ More recently I have collaborated in Industrial Mathematics and Mathematical Biology, in the context of European Study Groups with Industry.


  • Elected Member of the Academic Council
    University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland1 Nov 2016 - 31 Oct 2018


  • Research Fellow
    University of Warwick1 Sep 2006 - 31 Dec 2008
  • Research Fellow
    Ecole Normale Superieure1 Sep 2004 - 31 Aug 2006
  • Lecturer in Applied and Computational Mathematics
    University College Dublin, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Dublin, Ireland1 Jan 2009 - 31 Dec 2013


  • BSc
    Universidad de Chile
  • Certificate of CPD
    University College Dublin
  • PhD
    Universidad de Chile


  • English
    Can read, write, speak and understand
  • French
    Can read, write, speak and understand
  • Spanish; Castilian
    Can read, write, speak and understand