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Ms Orla Murphy


Orla Murphy

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy
00353 86 8634361
University College Dublin, School of Architecture Planning and Environmental Policy, Richview Sch of Architecture Belfield Dublin 4


As a lecturer in Architectural Design my teaching practice over the last twenty years has evolved within the physical and pedagogical context of the Design Studio, offering both an active and engaged framework for learning through iterative design testing of ideas applied to current and relevant spatial design challenges. I endeavor to support students to achieve their best potential in the discipline. To do this I believe it is important to encourage students to identify, develop and critically reflect on their own learning pathway, and to recognize and contribute to their learning. As a socially engaged discipline (buildings we design always impact on the lives of people), it is important for me as a teacher to encourage my students to be aware of the social and cultural context in which they design; that architecture does not exist in a vacuum, and that an awareness of the role of architecture in society is an important and constant contextual reference.


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