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Dr Oliver Kinnane


Oliver Kinnane

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy
01 716 2748
University College Dublin, School of Architecture Planning and Environmental Policy, Richview Sch of Architecture Belfield Dublin 4


I am an avid researcher and educator, an architect and engineer. I investigate the fundamentals of building science, how we experience buildings and how we can improve their performance. I am driven by a strong environmental sustainability ethos. My approach to research is essentially multidisciplinary drawing on a wide range of interests, and multidisciplinary background. My education is wide and varied, including a Ph.D. in physiological modelling, a Masters of Architecture and a Bachelor of Engineering. I collaborate with engineers, architects, physiologists, behaviorists, materialists, machinists. My research investigates at the interface between human and building. I analyse the environments we create and live in, and the greater environmental impact of these. Primarily my work concentrates on optimising building skins and systems, including the methods by which we envelop and condition our homes and buildings. I am currently PI and WP leader on a 16 partner H2020 project with focus on innovative building envelopes to optimise heat storage. I have undertaken projects with public and commercial clients including IES VE, Dublin City Council, Arup, Techrete, and Firebird. I have received research grants from Horizon 2020, IRC, FP7, Enterprise Ireland and Innovate UK.


  • MArch
    Illinois Institute of Technology IL USA
  • BE
    University College Cork
  • PhD
    Maynooth University