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Professor Patrick Wall


Patrick Wall

Professor Of Public Health
School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science
01 716 2052
University College Dublin, School of Public Health Physiotherapy and Sports Science, Woodview House Belfield Dublin 4


Research interests include food borne disease, lifestyle related diseases and health damaging consumer behaviour. He is a leader of a component of the EU Sino Safe Project working with the Communication Division of the CFSA on Consumer Engagement with regard to food safety issues. EU FP7 Project:- He was PI on FoodRisC which comprised of experts in key fields relevant to food risk and benefit communication from research institutes, consumer organisations, and SMEs in nine EU Member States. The consortium was supported by an Advisory Board of representatives from eight renowned organisations in health communication (including the European Food Safety Authority and the World Health Organization) FoodRisC Objectives The FoodRisC project had four major objectives: Describe key configurations of food risk and benefit relationships and the implications for communicators. Explore the potential of new social media (e.g., blogs and social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter) and provide guidance on how risk communicators can best use these media for food risk and benefit communication. Characterise the ways in which consumers attain, interpret, and utilise information to help target populations and tailor messages. Propose a strategy and communication toolkit for the effective communication of coherent messages across EU Member States.