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Dr Sarah Fulham-Mcquillan


Sarah Fulham-Mcquillan

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
UCD Sutherland School of Law
01 716 4138
University College Dublin, UCD Sutherland School of Law


Sarah Fulham-McQuillan is the McCann FitzGerald Assistant Professor in Law and Business. Her research is in the law of obligations. She lectures Contract Law and Business Law, amongst others, in Sutherland School of Law. A former Government of Ireland Scholar, she completed her undergraduate and doctoral studies at Trinity College Dublin. Sarah's monograph, entitled, "Redefining the Medical Negligence Action: A Doctor's Duty to Take Care", is forthcoming with Hart Publishing, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, having been accepted into Hart's distinguished Private Law Series. It is the first and only monograph in the UK and Ireland to focus on a doctor's duty of care in medical negligence law. It provides a novel analysis of the medical negligence action, drawing on theoretical concepts, negligence norms, and jurisdictional norms such as constitutional rights protection in Ireland and human rights protection in the UK, to create a new perspective on existing case law. Sarah is an emerging scholar in the field of obligations, holding an extensive international network on the subject. She has presented her work at more than 21 conferences nationally and internationally, most recently including the Obligations IX 2018 Conference at the University of Melbourne, as an invited guest speaker at the Obligations Discussion Group, University of Oxford, and at the Public Law Conference, University of Cambridge. Her research has been selected for presentation at the Law and Society Association Annual Conference, Washington DC, 2019, for which she has been awarded funding from the Sutherland School of Law Individual Research Competition. She has published her work at home and abroad. Sarah is an invited researcher at Fordham University School of Law, New York, due to to take place in the summer of 2019. She will subsequently take up an invitation to be a visitor at Harvard Law School, on the HLS Programme on the Foundations of Private Law. Sarah's research includes: Law of Obligations; Tort Law; Constitutional Law; Public Law/Private Law Divide; Medical Law and Bioethics; Philosophical Foundations of Common Law Obligations; Vulnerable Adults and the Law. Prior to joining UCD in September 2018, Sarah taught at Maynooth University and Trinity College Dublin. She is a former member of the Council of the Irish Association of Law Teachers, and is a member of the Society of Legal Scholars in the UK and Ireland, the Socio-Legal Studies Association in the UK, and the Law and Society Association in the US.


  • LLB
    Trinity College Dublin
  • PhD
    Trinity College Dublin