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Professor Suzi Jarvis


Suzi Jarvis

Director Innovation Academy
Innovation Academy
University College Dublin, Innovation Academy, Science Centre - East Belfield Dublin 4


Suzi Jarvis runs a multidisciplinary team pursuing a number of research areas at the interface between electrical engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, and botany. The underlying theme to all her projects is to understand, manipulate, and ultimately utilize the function of molecules at the nanometer scale. The group has particular strengths in the development and application of novel atomic force microscopy techniques, particularly in the liquid environment. One of the groups' major goals is to make a conceptual advance in understanding the role of water in biological function, as this would constitute a major contribution across many fields of science. More details of her research can be found on Notable Achievements 1990 - 1993: Development of first magnetic force controlled atomic force microscope 1999 - 2000: Development of first frequency modulation atomic force microscope in liquid and its application to the measurement of water structure 2006 - 2007: Achievement: Highest demonstrated resolution on a biological sample under physiological conditions (90 pm lateral resolution) 2006 Discovery of amyloid-based natural adhesive 2011 Direst measurement of water structure adjacent to lipid rafts