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Dr Abdollah Malekjafarian


Abdollah Malekjafarian

Lecturer/Assistant Professor
School of Civil Engineering
01 716 3204
University College Dublin, School of Civil Engineering, Richview Newstead Belfield Dublin 4


I am currently working on two main areas; (i) Transport infrastructure: I am currently developing a robust and low-cost approach called “indirect” or “drive-by” for monitoring of critical structures in motorway and railway networks. The idea is to use an instrumented vehicle (a truck or train) which travels through the system and monitors roads and highway bridges or rails and railway bridges. (ii) Offshore wind turbines: A significant challenge to reduce the cost of offshore wind development is the design of efficient and reliable substructures for turbines. I am currently working on numerical modelling of dynamic soil-structure to investigate the soil damping effects for various turbine geometries, seabed conditions, and loading effects in an effort to provide more accurate soil damping values. The objective of this work is to provide more efficient and reliable designs for offshore wind turbines and their substructures which may cause significant cost saving.